Introducing A Rosary Litany

Have you fallen asleep…

Has your mind wandered…

Do you ever wonder if you meditated…

…while praying the rosary?

These are typical experiences of people with the rosary.  I know a lot of people who do not enjoy the rosary as a form of Marian devotion.  There are a few reasons I think for that:

  1.  They view it as old-fashioned- it is the prayer of their grandparents.
  2.  It is to repetitious.
  3. It is difficult to be silent or meditative.  Our mind is constantly going from one thing to the other.

Fr. Looney is happy to release a new rosary devotional which will transform your experience of praying the rosary.  Fr. Looney is convinced that A Rosary Litany will renew the rosary devotion in the third millennium.

A Rosary Litany renews a pious custom recommended by saintly people: St. Louis de Montfort, Bl. Paul VI, and St. John Paul II.  The recommended custom allows one to keep the mystery being contemplated before their eyes.  In A Rosary Litany, Fr. Looney has crafted a litany-like succession of invocations to be used with each of the twenty rosary mysteries.

Many people have already been introduced by Fr. Looney to A Rosary Litany and now it’s the only way they pray the rosary.  If your rosary praying needs to be renewed and reinvigorated, look no further than A Rosary Litany, it is the rosary devotional for the next decade and beyond!


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