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Father Edward Looney re-opens the imagination of the heart, mind, and soul with his excursion into the mystical side of the Rosary. By calling on St. Louis de Montfort, Father Looney shows us that prayer, while ritualized can be and in many cases should be intentionally personal. The addition of pious invocations into the Hail Mary, we find that a deeper and more prayerful existence can happen when the faithful man prays the rosary.  Finding ways to draw closer to Jesus is the goal of all mankind. Mary emulated this in every mention of her in Sacred Scripture. By following the methods in this book, we are invited by Fr. Looney to re-evaluate the relationship between Jesus, Mary and ourselves. We are invited to a deeper sense of prayer and prayer is how we converse with God. It is through our relationship with God that we attain salvation.
–Andy Milan
Grotto of the Redemption

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A wonderful new and spiritual sacramental, this booklet enhances our spiritual life, enabling us to pray with the heart. As a pilgrimage leader, I am always searching for different ways to aid us in heartfelt prayer, especially with the recitation of the rosary. Father Looney’s additions of phrases makes the words come alive helping you to meditate in a more powerful way.
— Carolanne Kilichowski
Hamburg, New York

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A Rosary Litany brings the 21st Century back to a most beautiful and old tradition.  It helps one focus on what was happening in the Mysteries and lessens the many distractions that come with praying in our day and age.  A fantastic addition to any Catholic library!

–Maria Montreuil
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Fr. Edward Looney’s newest book, A Rosary Litany: Renewing a Pious Custom, is a lovely resource for those who seek to pray the Rosary with reverence and devotion. Though deceptively short, this book is spiritually robust, and offers the reader a profound invitation to an ardent depth of prayer. In addition to promoting the spiritual significance of the Rosary, through this book, Fr. Looney seeks to revive the pious tradition of adding a set of meditative invocations after the names of Jesus or Mary. This practice is a restoration of the pious practice championed by St. Louis Grignion de Montfort in The Secret of the Rosary. When the rosary is prayed in this manner, it becomes a litany of praise. I highly recommend this powerful spiritual aid to anyone who wishes to deepen their Rosary meditation and enkindle their prayer life. 

–Mary Anne Urlakis, M.A., Ph.D.
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By taking the litany concept of St. Louis de Montfort in praying the rosary and expanding it, Father Edward Looney enlightens my mind and inspires my heart while praying the rosary by inserting scriptural phrases in each Hail Mary. I especially like that the scriptural phrases can be different with each Hail Mary or limited to certain phrases that speak to the day’s occasion. I plan to introduce Father’s litany concept to our weekly rosary prayer group.

–Carol Conway-Gerhardt, Oshkosh, WI

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I have had the privilege of previewing Father Edward Looney’s new book, A Rosary Litany:Renewing a Pious Custom and I cannot give it a high enough recommendation.  It has become my new favorite way to pray the rosary.  I am a busy mom of five young children and I try to stay faithful in reciting the rosary on a daily basis.  Often in the midst of the chaos of the day my mind wanders and I have a hard time focusing on the mysteries and/or prayers. The rosary litany focuses your mind on both the Hail Marys and the mysteries. His book forces your mind to pinpoint and hone in on ten different beautiful aspects of each mystery.  The small, one line addition to to the Hail Mary’s provoke thoughtful insights with every prayer recitation.  It is a calming, peaceful and meditative way to stay close to Jesus through Mary.  I love this book and cannot wait to share it with others. 
–Carissa R.